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PM: Lib Dems prevent tougher action

The Liberal Democrats are preventing David Cameron from taking tougher action on immigration and stripping the workshy of benefits, the Prime Minister has said.

Mr Cameron firmly rejected claims that only Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was being forced to compromise in the coalition.

"We've all had to make compromises," he told BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

"If I was running a Conservative-only Government I think we would be making further steps on things like immigration control or making sure that our welfare reforms were absolutely making sure that if you're not prepared to work you can't go on welfare.

"I think we'd be tougher than that," he said.

"We make compromises, we make agreements, but as a Government I think we're delivering a lot of good things for the country."

Mr Cameron conceded that the coalition "has its problems" but that it was generally working well.

He denied that major policy issues were decided between himself and the Deputy Prime Minister in their regular Sunday evening telephone calls.

"We often have a conversation on the phone on a Sunday night to scope the issues that we need to settle, the problems that the Government faces and some of the issues that are under discussion in the following week, but we also have very ordered meetings, as we did this morning," he said.

"I think the coalition works well. We haven't had one for 65 years, it's very different. "


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