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PM relaxed over tax amid Cable dig

David Cameron has delivered a dig at Cabinet colleague Vince Cable after he insisted his personal tax arrangements were beyond reproach.

The Prime Minister said he had never done anything that could be regarded as avoiding tax - unlike people who failed to pay VAT.

The Liberal Democrat Business Secretary ran into trouble last year when it emerged he had been fined £500 over an outstanding £10,000 bill.

He blamed the surprise success of his book, The Storm: The World Economic Crisis And What It Means, for the mistake.

In a round of broadcast interviews during a trade mission to Indonesia, Mr Cameron said he was "very relaxed" about the prospect of releasing his own tax details.

Asked if he would be publishing records, he told Sky News: "It looks increasingly likely. No decision's been taken. It's important to weigh up the pros and cons. I don't want to put people off going into politics and there are arguments that need to be made, but personally I'm very relaxed.

"We live in a more transparent age. I think a next stage, I won't say for all politicians but if you are running for the highest office, I think it is a legitimate question for people to ask."

Pressed on whether he had ever done anything that could be construed as avoiding tax, the PM said: "No, I don't think I have.

"The issue, I think, for lots of people has been have you paid VAT on things and all the rest of it? I've always tried to pay all my taxes and I think it's very important that people do."

Mr Cameron is understood to regard it as inevitable that Britain will follow in the footsteps of the US, where personal finances of senior figures are frequently released.


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