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PM says cuts 'will boost economy'

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted there is "light at the end of the tunnel" if his Government pushes through drastic spending cuts, with the prospect of a stronger economy as a result.

He said the public needed to know there was "a prize at the end of this", and warned failure to tackle the deficit now could lead to "completely drastic" cuts, costing even more jobs.

Mr Cameron was speaking as he visited the West Midlands for a PM Direct meeting aimed at persuading the public of the Government's case for the spending squeeze.

He told Ed Doolan on BBC WM radio: "We have to get the deficit under control because the deficit is sapping confidence from the British economy, it's building debts for our children, it's adding to the debt burden."

The Prime Minister went on: "We have got to demonstrate there's a light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a stronger, better, well balanced British economy.

"I want Britain to be a great success story of this decade.

"People need to know there's a prize at the end of this, which is a successful decade for Britain, which is what I'm trying to deliver."

But he warned: "It will be difficult and that's one of the reasons for doing public meetings and trying to talk people through it.

"I think people do understand the basic proposition, which is we are living beyond our means. We are spending too much and taxing too little and building up our debts."

Quizzed over public sector job cuts, Mr Cameron said: "If we don't deal with the deficit, of course you could keep some more people in public sector employment for a little bit longer but the end result would be a loss of confidence, a loss of growth and an economy that doesn't work."


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