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PM wants a 'bit of peace and quiet'

David Cameron has put "a bit of peace and quiet" and some "squidgy tennis balls" at the top of his Christmas list.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the chance of a rest over the festive period would be a "nice thing" but it could not be guaranteed.

Mr Cameron, a keen tennis fan, said he had started playing the sport with his son Elwen, seven, and wanted balls that would not travel too far when you "really whack" them.

Speaking to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire about what he wanted for Christmas he said: "A bit of peace and quiet would be quite a nice thing but you can never bank on that in this job."

He added: "I want some squidgy tennis balls. I have started playing tennis with my son. I would like those ones which you can really whack and they don't go very far.

"If Santa's listening, you can get them down the chimney pretty easily and there will be a very happy recipient at the other end."


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