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PM 'will reveal radical heart'

David Cameron's "radical heart" will come to the fore in his second stint as Prime Minister, his former chief strategist has said.

Steve Hilton suggested that Mr Cameron would focus on improving family life now that he is leading a Conservative majority Government.

Mr Hilton said the PM "cares deeply" about people's daily experience and the "smaller units" that are at the centre of lives.

Now that Mr Cameron has stabilised the economy, he will seek to offer radical change which could include an acceleration of policies like the troubled families' programme to help some of the least well-off, Mr Hilton said.

He told BBC Radio 4's Start The Week: "I've known him a long time and the way I would put it is this, in relation to what you might expect - he's got a radical heart, he really is in politics to change things and approaches politics in a very human way actually.

"He cares deeply about the daily experience of people, he understands what that's like, he cares about the smaller units.

"He does believe that family life is the centre of anybody's life and should be at the centre of the nation's life and therefore he would like to see those things improve for people."

Mr Hilton praised the last coalition government's record on job creation and tackling the budget deficit but said some policies that were developed during the last five years may now get more focus.

He said: 'I think that underneath all that, and this relates directly to the conversation we might be having on inequality and poverty, very interesting programmes being developed for example to really help the families who are in most difficult circumstances, both economically and socially in a very human way with one-to-one help to get their lives back on track.

"That was begun in the last five years and I think we might see that sort of thing really accelerated."

Mr Hilton, who left Downing Street in 2012 to teach in California, but remains close to Mr Cameron, made headlines at the weekend after launching a bruising attack on the "insular ruling class" who control Britain and governments which act for the rich.

His intervention, part of a promotional drive for his new book on democracy, was seen by many as a rebuke to the Prime Minister, but his comments today appear to show support for his former boss.


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