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Poison fish alert for swimmers

Bathers have been warned of the dangers of stepping on the UK's most poisonous fish — described as a “toxic terror”.

Staff at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth are putting out the advice after a weever fish was brought in to the centre by a local fisherman.

Spokesman Lindsay Holloway said that although the chances of stepping on the fish are slight, the pain endured can be “excruciating” and can cause limbs to swell up, with the pain lasting for up to two weeks.

He said: “The chances of actually stepping on a weever fish are very small, but there are some basic precautions to avoid getting stung. The simplest is to wear some form of footwear in the water.

“If you do get stung, the most effective treatment is to put the affected limb in very warm water — although not too hot or you risk scalding”.

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