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Police forces urged to drop slogans

Police forces should save words and money by ditching "pointless" marketing slogans, according to a group which campaigns for public bodies to improve their use of English.

The Plain English Campaign (PEC) says no-one needs to be told that police are "protecting our communities by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour", "keeping our communities safe and reassured" or "serving our communities, protecting them from harm".

The group says the police service has nothing to sell and the word "police" tells people all they need to know.

Most forces attach slogans to their names on websites and some add slogans to vehicles.

Avon & Somerset is "Working Together to Make the Communities of Avon & Somerset Feel Safe and Be Safe"; Cambridgeshire is "Creating a Safer Cambridgeshire"; Essex is "Taking a Lead in Making Essex Safer"; Kent is "Protecting and Serving the People of Kent" and Norfolk says "Our Priority is You".

"We know that police forces already have more than enough paperwork to deal with so let's see an end to these pointless slogans," said a PEC spokeswoman.

"Some are just meaningless. Northumbria's slogan is 'Total Policing'. What does that mean? Do some police forces operate 'partial policing'?

"And what purpose do they serve? Will someone be more inclined to ring 999 in Cumbria because the police force slogan is 'Safer Stronger Cumbria'?

"Or is it being suggested that victims of crime should shop around? Is it better to be mugged in Suffolk because the police there are 'Taking Pride in Keeping Suffolk Safe' than in Northamptonshire, where they are 'Putting Communities First'?"

She added: "It's not just about wasting words - there has to be a cost to the public. Someone must be paid to create these slogans, add them to websites and paint them on cars and so on. It's a waste of public money."


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