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Police launch court 'tweet-a-thon'

Britain's second largest police force has launched the first "tweet-a-thon" from a magistrates' court to give the public "peace of mind that justice is being done", a senior officer said.

Five press officers from West Midlands Police took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to provide real-time updates from Birmingham Magistrates' Court, with cases ranging from shoplifting to assaulting a police officer all listed.

It comes after Greater Manchester Police used the site to publish every one of the 3,205 incidents its officers had to deal with in 24 hours last October.

Calls included reports of a rape, serious injuries to a child, and a ram-raid on a post office as well as a report that there was a rat in a house and that a cat may be responsible.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth, of West Midlands Police, said the court initiative aimed to show that "police work doesn't end following an arrest or even when a suspect is charged".

"We hope that the 'tweet-a-thon' will give people a flavour for the range of offenders we deal with, an insight into the court system, and importantly, peace of mind that justice is being done," he said.


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