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Police officer 'attacked' tourist for urinating in bush

A police officer assaulted a French tourist in London after spotting him urinating in a bush, a court heard yesterday.

PC John Caulfield chased Charles Quichaud down the street and allegedly hit him in the head, face and chest as he lay curled up on the ground. Mr Quichaud needed hospital treatment afterwards.

Witnesses initially mistook PC Caulfield for a mugger but then realised he was a uniformed officer, the jury was told on the first day of his trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Mr Quichaud, then 19, was on holiday in August 2009 and had been drinking with a friend in Hoxton Square. He went to relieve himself in the bushes in a corner of the square. PC Caulfield, who was on patrol, saw him urinating.

Realising he had been caught, Mr Quichaud fled. Philip McGhee, for the prosecution, said: "Residents... will say they saw a young man on the floor, curled or in the foetal position, receiving punches to the head, face and body." None saw Mr Quichaud struggling or reacting, he added.

PC Caulfield denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.

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