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Police vow to catch driver who killed teen

By Staff Reporter

English police investigating a hit-and-run collision which left a 14-year-old girl dead and a 12-year-old injured have said it is "just a matter of time until we catch this driver".

Jasmyn Chan died as she crossed a road with a group of friends in Sheffield on Friday evening.

Officers are investigating reports that she was trying to help her younger friend get out of the path of the car when the crash happened.

Yesterday, Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "I'm grateful for the phone calls coming in to the investigating team.

"We have received a steady flow of information since Friday night and I have a team of officers working through the details to trace the car and, ultimately, the driver involved in the crash that killed Jasmyn Chan.

"I am certain it is just a matter of time until we catch this driver and can ascertain exactly what happened at 9.20pm on Friday night on Normanton Hill."

The officer said: "I am also renewing my request today to the drivers of this car to hand themselves in."

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