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Poll: Is Santa v Jesus board game blasphemy or just good fun?

Controversy: The game on Amazon
Controversy: The game on Amazon

By Alexandra Sims

A Christmas-themed board game in which Santa and Jesus "go-head-to-head" has been dubbed "shocking and blasphemous" with calls for it to be banned from Amazon.

Santa vs Jesus, created by Komo Games, invites players to divide into two teams - Team Santa and Team Jesus - and complete various challenges in order to win the most "believers".

Since being advertised on Amazon it has garnered a number of critical reviews, with some calling for it to be removed from the site.

Giving the game one star out of five, Amazon reviewer Robert H described it as "absolutely shocking and blasphemous" and "wholly unacceptable and offensive".

Another reviewer said: "I find it in the poorest of taste and offensive. Jesus (complete with nail holes in hands) and Santa with their followers/friends fighting over a Christmas tree. How upsetting!... Take it out Amazon."

Danny Webster of the Evangelical Alliance told the BBC the game "trivialises Christian belief and equates them both as fictional characters".

The majority of the game's reviews have been positive, with fans calling it a "fantastic new concept" and "thoroughly entertaining". One comment said: "I am a Christian and am not the least offended by anything I saw.

"Take it in the spirit it is meant to be played."

The game's creators, David McGranaghan and Julian Miller, said they developed the idea for Santa vs Jesus a few years ago when they were asked to entertain their families over Christmas.

Responding to the criticism, Mr McGranaghan said the negative reviews were "a shame" because "our goal is to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun".

He said the Santa and Jesus idea was partly inspired by the tension between "consumerism and religion on Christmas day".

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