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Poor management blamed for cuts

Workers in organisations hit hard by the recession have "extremely low" levels of trust in their bosses and blame job losses and office closures on poor management, according to a new study.

A survey of 5,000 employees also found that trust increased if firms tried to weather the economic downturn by offering flexible working.

Women executives were trusted more than men, the research by the Institute of Leadership & Management revealed.

Its chief executive, Penny de Valk, said: "It is clear that the actions of senior managers are scrutinised to a far greater extent during times of crisis, and major cuts are often seen as the direct result of poor management - even when this might be beyond their control.

"Yet in those organisations where impacts of the recession have been seen to be managed well, trust levels are significantly higher. Female chief executives in particular have fared well at driving trust during times of adversity.

"To boost trust it is important for senior managers to increase their visibility and communicate effectively with staff."


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