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Poppy appeal film casts new light on veterans

By Claire Hayhurst

An interactive video installation has been unveiled in central London to broadcast stories from a new generation of veterans - encouraging the nation to rethink remembrance.

The four 60-second films by the Royal British Legion, featuring experiences from the younger generation of the Armed Forces community, will be played on seven monoliths in Paternoster Square.

In each film, a story of conflict or injury is narrated by a Second World War veteran aged between 88 and 97, in military dress with some proudly wearing berets and medals.

At the end it is revealed that the stories do not belong to the speaker, but to a younger veteran or member of the Armed Forces aged between 29 and 34.

The films, also available online, have been released to challenge the view that the poppy and remembrance are only associated with the First and Second World Wars and elderly veterans.

Members of the public are being urged to recognise the service and sacrifice made across all generations of the British Armed Forces including the most recent conflicts.

The fundraising target for the Poppy Appeal 2016 is a record £43m, with more than 45m poppies being distributed by 150,000 dedicated collectors across the country.

Claire Rowcliffe, director of fundraising at the Royal British Legion, said: "Individuals and families from across the generations of our Armed Forces community need the Legion's support, as well as our older veterans.

"When you pin on your poppy, or pause to remember, we're inviting you to rethink Remembrance and who it is you picture when you think of a veteran."

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