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Pothole penis artist returns to highlight roads problem


The graffiti artist's work has been labelled 'obscene' by council staff

The graffiti artist's work has been labelled 'obscene' by council staff

The graffiti artist's work has been labelled 'obscene' by council staff

A crusader highlighting the state of Britain's crumbling roads by painting giant penises around potholes has struck again.

The self-styled "Wanksy" - a reference to the famous graffiti artist Banksy - is back pounding the streets after a number of painted male appendages were recently discovered in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

The mystery man, believed to be a professional artist and surveyor, first struck last year with his non-permanent spray can, decorating potholes as an act of revenge on behalf of cyclists and motorists.

Dangerous craters on roads were adorned with his signature phallic protest, prompting both outrage and widespread acclaim.

The local council blasted his protest as "stupid" and "insulting", describing the "obscene symbols" as downright "vandalism".

But Wanksy claimed his crusade pricked the council's conscience, with the holes being filled in with tarmac and his artwork gone within days.

His trademark signature has now returned to local roads, along with a message to his 24,000 followers on his Facebook page on Thursday, saying: "Due to demand and finally a bit of dry weather, Wanksy has returned!"

A series of photos have since been posted as his crusade continues.

The artist claims his purpose is "taking direct action by using art to highlight the dangerous potholes that damage our vehicles and harm cyclists on a daily basis".

Wanksy's return comes as National Pothole Day was declared yesterday, when social media users were asked to report, share and highlight the nation's cratered highways and crumbling roads.

Bury Council said it deplores the latest outbreak of penis drawings on its highways and is working to fill in the potholes as best it can.