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Pregnant Bradbury 'superstitious'

TV presenter Julia Bradbury has admitted she is so "superstitious" about her pregnancy she won't decorate the nursery, even though the birth is only three months away.

Little wonder, given how hard the former Countryfile host tried for her precious cargo.

The 44-year-old had to go through five rounds of IVF before successfully falling pregnant with non-identical twins.

"I'm really superstitious," she told Sunday People's Love Sunday magazine.

"I haven't decorated the nursery, I haven't bought any clothes, I'm just hanging fire. These are important weeks for me now as an older mum. There's a lot that can still go wrong."

Bradbury stressed that she was not pregnant when she was filming risky stunts for The Wonder of Britain, the new ITV series that sees her visiting the nation's great landmarks.

"But I was going through IVF at the time, and there were moments when I didn't particularly feel like travelling, but I had to get on with life," she said.

Her first child Zephyr, aged three, was conceived naturally. She said this time around she is feeling the strain on her body.

"This pregnancy I feel much more lumbering and my ankles are puffy, my bum's grown and I don't feel great. So if I look good, it's good blusher and good Greek genes," she said.

But it's "lovely" to be able to give her son the gift of two new playmates.

"Zeph's very excited about becoming a big brother, although for a long time he thought I was giving birth to chickens because we called them the 'chicks'. Although he now knows they're babies, so we're moving into good territory," she told Love Sunday.

And her partner, 55-year-old Gerard Cunningham, is pleased too - he is one of eight children.

"His is a crazy number, but there you go, a good Irish Catholic family for you. He's thrilled, he's getting two for one and he can't believe it," Bradbury said.

She also said she was "crazy" to go back to work 12 weeks after giving birth to Zephyr and she plans to take a longer break this time.

"I was on the road with Zeph, breast-feeding in the back of the car, car parks, everywhere. I think I'd be bonkers to do something similar with twins. You just don't know what's going to happen with two, you don't know how much care they're going to need. I'm having time out this time around," she said.


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