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Pregnant woman travelled to Switzerland amid social workers’ concerns, judge told

Mr Justice Baker has heard how the woman gave birth at a Basel hospital then left her newborn son in Switzerland with a relative.

An expectant mother travelled to Switzerland to give birth after council social workers raised welfare concerns, a High Court judge has been told.

After giving birth at a hospital in Basel a few weeks ago, the woman left her son with a relative in Switzerland and then returned to her London home, Mr Justice Baker has heard.

Social services staff in London and Switzerland are having discussions about the child’s future.

Mr Justice Baker has analysed the case at hearings in the Family Division of the High Court in London this week.

London social workers had raised the alarm after the woman disappeared in August when heavily pregnant.

Police began an investigation and the woman was questioned after returning to London.

Social services bosses at the London council with welfare responsibility for the child also began litigation in the Family Division of the High Court.

Lawyers representing the woman told Mr Justice Baker she had decided to leave the country as she felt social workers were “harassing her”.

Lawyers representing social workers in London told the judge the boy is healthy and doing well.

They said social workers in Switzerland are overseeing his care.

Mr Justice Baker said Swiss authorities should be provided with all available information about the woman’s background before decisions about the boy’s future are made.

He said the case will be re-examined at another hearing in London in the next few weeks.

Lawyers said the woman, who is also in good health, is expected to return to Switzerland to see her son in the near future.

The judge said the baby could not be identified.


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