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Presenter demands cut in fuel duty


TV presenter Quentin Willson has called on the Government to cut fuel duty

TV presenter Quentin Willson has called on the Government to cut fuel duty

TV presenter Quentin Willson has called on the Government to cut fuel duty

A motoring expert has called on the Government to cut fuel duty as drivers come under ever-increasing financial pressure at the pumps.

TV presenter Quentin Willson said that the 1p duty cut announced in the Budget was never even seen by the majority of drivers as the rising underlying cost of oil wiped it out.

Launching a campaign by FairFuelUK, he said: "Global uncertainty is leading to a price surge in the cost of oil. It seems that everyone's a winner in this rising price bonanza - the oil-rich countries, the speculators, the oil companies, the UK Government - the only people that are losing out are the hard-pressed businesses and motorists who are suffering more now than in the run up to the Budget.

"The Government cannot just stand by and see the rising cost of fuel push us back into recession. If they don't act, I can see the £1.60 litre, the £1.80 litre and, heaven forbid, even the £2.00 litre. Let's remember that the Government continues to take a staggering amount of duty and VAT from fuel. They can, and should, start to cut duty to help people, business and the economy."

Mr Willson called for an end to any further rises in fuel duty in this Parliament and a strategic change of direction on fuel duty, with a new direction of trying to reduce it to European levels in the medium to long term.

He also called for the introduction of a fully functioning fair fuel stabiliser to keep the price at the pump constant, to replace the stabiliser that Chancellor George Osborne announced in March.

He warned that there were persistent rumours that other groups were planning widespread direct action, particularly in the North West in and around Stanlow oil refinery.

And he said: "The Government needs to revisit the fuel price and fuel duty issue immediately. Doing nothing will invite the twin catastrophes of the economy going into reverse, with all the suffering that entails, together with a distressing outbreak of direct action from people and groups less responsible than ourselves."

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