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Princess Charlotte name choices a compliment to regal heritage, say experts

By Alex Diaz

The choice of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana as the new princess's name is a "nicely balanced compliment", according to royal experts.

Historians and writers said that the traditional royal name of Charlotte acknowledges the child's regal heritage while also giving a nod to Prince Charles.

The name harks back to historic royal figures such as the wife of George III, who died in 1818, and Princess Charlotte of Wales, the daughter of the Prince Regent, later George IV.

The choice of Elizabeth and Diana as the second and third names sees the Duke pay tribute to his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Historian Dr Judith Rowbotham said: "None of the Charlottes in the history of the British royal family have been lacking in character and personality, so one hopes that this one lives up to that name.

"Charlotte is also a compliment to Prince Charles, because it is the feminine of Charles. By using both Charlotte and Diana, Prince William is paying tribute to both his parents. And you have got a tribute to his much-loved grandmother Elizabeth, and indeed great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). It is a nicely balanced compliment."

Royal writer Christopher Warwick said there was an "inevitability" that Diana would be one of the baby's names.

He said: "Somebody said that giving a girl Diana as a first name would have been too much of a responsibility and I would agree with that. I don't think we would have wanted a Princess Diana, but I am not remotely surprised that Diana is one of the child's names - I would have been surprised had it not been."

He added that Charlotte recalled the hugely popular daughter of the Prince Regent - "the Princess Diana of her day".

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