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Prison for jilted fiancée who ordered hit on ex

A jilted fiancée has been jailed for paying a hitman to gun down her ex-lover after he dumped her.

The victim was shot in the spine on his way to work after Samantha Cadge plotted the revenge attack. Cadge, helped by friend Shane Worrall, paid 24-year-old Marwan Goodridge to carry out the shooting.

She handed out pictures of her target to Goodridge, who shot the victim - whose identity is protected - with a sawn-off shotgun outside his north-west London home.

Despite a number of operations and months of treatment, the victim has been left confined to a wheelchair.

Cadge (26) was jailed for 16 years at Kingston Crown Court after being found guilty last month, Scotland Yard said.

Worrall (30) and Goodridge face 14 and 18-year jail terms after being jointly charged with conspiracy to cause GBH with intent.

The attack, which occurred in the early hours of November 25, 2010, came more than a year after the victim ended his relationship with Cadge.

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