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Protesters try to storm Kensington and Chelsea town hall

Scores of protesters surge towards the building’s entrance, apparently trying to get in.

Protesters outside the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea headquarters have tried to storm the building.

Hundreds of people, gathered outside the town hall, said they wanted answers over the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Scores of protesters later surged towards the building’s entrance, apparently trying to get in.

But they were soon called back away from the foyer by one of the organisers, who urged them to remain calm.

A council spokesman initially declined to comment on the action.

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A number of people could later be seen inside the building being confronted by police and security guards in high visibility vests on a stairwell.

Protesters began covering their faces as the atmosphere appeared to get increasing ugly.

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At one point some of the crowd chased a television cameraman down the street.

Police officers lined the door to the hall with some protesters still inside.

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There were calls of “murderers” and “we want justice now”.

Among the demands of some protesters was the rehousing within the borough of all those who lost their home and more information on the victims.

One speaker at the event, whose family friend, Rania Ibrahim and her two young children have not been seen since the blaze, said police instigated the disorder.

Mustafa Almansur addressed the crowd just seconds before they charged for the doors of the town hall.

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The mother, who is friends with Mr Almansur’s wife, live-streamed a video to Facebook from her 23rd-floor flat as the fire rose through the tower. When her battery ran out, the video cut, and she has not been heard from since.

Speaking as crowds remained gathered at the entrance of the building, Mr Almansur said: “The people aren’t satisfied with this so the protests are going to continue.”

He added: “The reason for the protest is so far in the last three days the general public have done everything from raising money to actually going out there on the streets, helping people, finding the victims of the tragedy, going to the community centres, the churches and the mosques with donations and in cash.

“To this day the council has failed to do anything in public, they have not made a public statement or any public comment.

“The statement they made today was just a fluffy statement, open ended promises with no concrete numbers of what they are going to be able to do for the people.”

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Protesters ran into the town hall after Mr Almansur read the council’s statement to the crowd.

“The people didn’t storm the building, they walked into the building after I read out the statement, unhappy with what they heard,” he continued

“So they said let’s go into the building and get the senior executives to come down, but the police were inside the building already not allowing anybody to go up the stairs.

“The people stood there and they were speaking in the microphone making their demands be known.

“Then we had about 20 police officers in high-vis jackets storming into the building trying to create a barricade and that created a rush of young people clashing with the police.

“When the police came in and that’s when the pushing and shoving started and things got out of hand.”


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