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Proud Camden owner responds to homophobic Christmas party booking: We're pretty gay

'We are pretty gay and a lot of gay stuff happens here. Gay drinks, gay food, gay loos ... '

The owner of a north London bar, Proud Camden, issued a stinging riposte after an international company booking a Christmas party inquired whether the establishment was “a gay bar”?

The emailed query went on to say: “We need to know as it’s against some people [sic] religion so we will need to make them aware.” Adding: “Will we have our own seating area?”

Proud Camden owner Alex Proud replied: “I think best we cancel your visit. We are pretty gay and a lot of gay stuff happens here. Gay drinks, gay food, gay loos etc….”

He added: "Sorry to disappoint. Booking cancelled."

Mr Proud posted a screenshot of the email exchange on Twitter, redacting the name of the “BIG” company whose Christmas party was cancelled, and writing: “So this happened. Major International car brand sent this homophobic e mail. Really shocked this still happens.”

He continued: “Homophobia is homophobia, I don’t care what religion you are.”

“I get a bit alarmed about the lynchmob mentality of the internet. I sometimes feel that on the internet issues or decision can be over-simplified,” Mr Proud, who has refused to name the company.

“Hopefully the way that I’ve done it might not bring down a huge amount of abuse on the company’s head but might instead give them a shock and make them change something.”

He continued: “The reaction has been lovely, because Proud tends to be an advert for inclusionary policies, we have people working here from all over the world and that makes it much more fun, and it is lovely to be recognised for that.”

He added: “I just didn’t expect it to get quite so noticed – no one expects their post to go viral and go round the world!”

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