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Public adore Sir Bobby as much as ever, says widow


Tribute: Lady Elsie Robson

Tribute: Lady Elsie Robson


Tribute: Lady Elsie Robson

The widow of former England manager Sir Bobby Robson has said people's love and respect for him has not diminished 10 years after his death.

Sir Bobby died from cancer on July 31, 2009, aged 76.

The work of the cancer-fighting charity he set up in 2008 continues to save lives by funding trials and research.

His widow, Lady Elsie, said: ""I've found the foundation very helpful in that respect.

"It was something Bob was very passionate about and it's given us all a focus.

"What stands out most to me after 10 years is that the love and respect people have for Bob doesn't seem to have diminished at all."

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