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PwC worker Nicola Thorpe was 'sent home' for not wearing heels

By Nina Massey

A receptionist claims she was sent home after she refused to wear high heels at work.

Nicola Thorp (27) has now set up a petition asking for it to be made illegal for companies to require women to wear the footwear for their jobs.

The temp turned up at PwC last December in flat shoes, but was told that she had to have a two to four-inch heel.

Ms Thorp said: "That day I was wearing flat black shoes and they gave me a dress to wear and a jacket, which I put on, and the supervisor said 'well, you're not going to wear those'.

"'We only have women in heels at reception' and I said 'well, I think that is ridiculous'.

"I pointed to a male colleague and said 'well, he is wearing flat shoes, why can't I?', and of course that is laughed at.

"They then said to me: 'you can go out and buy a pair of heels if you like, we will let you work'.

"I refused and was then sent home."

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