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'Quarter ready to borrow for pets'

One in four people would be prepared to take on debt in order to pay for veterinary treatment for their pet, a survey has suggested.

Around 24% of people said they would get into debt to pay for treatment for their pet - three times more than those who said they would consider having the animal put down, according to Tesco Bank.

Just under half of people would be prepared to cut down on going out in order to raise the money for expensive treatment, while 29% would sacrifice their annual holiday in order to help their pet.

A third of pet owners said they would give up drinking, smoking or eating chocolate, 23% would ask a friend or family member to lend them the money, and 21% would cancel their gym membership to pay the vet's bills.

GMTV vet Dr Scott Miller said: "For many people, pets are seen as members of the family. Just as a sick child can cause a parent unbelievable worry, a poorly pet can create anxiety and concern for owners, both emotionally and financially."

The survey questioned 2,000 people with pets during August.


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