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Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning monarch: map shows all of the Queen’s 270 visits during her reign

At the age of 89, Queen Elizabeth II will not only be known as the longest reigning British monarch in history but as the best travelled, too.

Since her first official overseas visit to South Africa in 1947, the Queen has made 270 trips across the globe to 128 countries.

An interactive map, seen above, has been created by Esri UK tracking the different visits made by the Queen..

The Queen is also the first British monarch to have made state visits to China, where she travelled in 1986; to Russia, which she visited in 1994; and Brunei and Malaysia, both of which she visited in 1998.

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Among the most visited countries are the places dubbed the Queen’s “major realms”, which include Canada (27 visits), Australia (18 visits), New Zealand (10 visits) and Jamaica (six visits), though she has never been to Madagascar, Cuba or Peru on official business.

On Wednesday the Queen will become the longest reigning British monarch, beating her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria’s 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes as head of state.


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