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Queen’s hat at State Opening looks remarkably like EU flag

The European flag features a circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background.

The Queen’s hat at the State Opening of Parliament has sparked humorous comparisons to the European flag on Twitter.

Delphinium blue and adorned with a cluster of matching flowers with bright yellow centres, the hat was designed by the Queen’s trusted personal assistant and senior dresser Angela Kelly.

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, branded it an “anti-Brexit hat”, writing on Twitter: “Sad to see retro Tories dressed for Ascot while Queen ditches crown for her anti-Brexit hat matching the colours and stars of the Euro flag.”

Other Twitters users shared their amusement after spotting the similarity.

One wrote: “Queen wears European blue with gold stars. Hint. Hint,” while another said: “Was the #Queen trolling the Tories and #brexit by wearing a hat which looks remarkably like an EU flag for #QueensSpeech?!”

Other comments included: “God Bless The Queen and her pro-EU hat” and “The award for ‘Best Trolling Using a Hat’ goes to the #QueensSpeech.”

The monarch wore a day dress and hat this year for the ceremonial occasion in the House of Lords, rather than the Imperial State Crown and a gown, after the pomp and ceremony of the event was scaled back because the date fell too close to Trooping the Colour.

The European flag symbolises the European Union and the identity and unity of Europe and features a circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background.

As head of state, the Queen is politically neutral and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters.

“The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide,” Buckingham Palace said at the time of last year’s Brexit vote.


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