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Quotes of the day

"I come from a land of kebabs and curries, second helpings, no worries. You just can't be portly this side of 40 - showbiz is a single-chin game" - Robbie Williams.

"After years of criticising it, I am entering the Turner Prize. I will make a giant matchstick from 20,000 pieces of Westminster Abbey" - Broadcaster Danny Baker.

"It is like jogging for the brain. The more we use our memory and brains, the more agile and younger you remain, both mentally and physically" - Entertainer Nicholas Parsons, 90, on presenting the radio comedy quiz Just A Minute, which he has done since 1967.

"As far as I can see, you get deluged in s*** and never get anything done" - Comedian David Mitchell on politics.

"Real success is really cool, and I have had my share of it. Yeah, I'm cool because I am still successful. After all these years, One Direction still have to compete with me" - Sir Cliff Richard, 73.

"It is like sometimes being in an asteroid shower - things flying at you every day" - David Cameron on being Prime Minister.

"A gossip mill" - Former home secretary Charles Clarke's description of the House of Commons.

"If I turn up at a train station, or airport, and you are not my mum or the driver, the chances are I won't want to see you" - Boy George issues a warning to his fans.

"Sex, as you get older, gets a bit scarier. Do I control men with the way I look? The ones I married? They fell in love for my sweet nature" - Actress Patsy Kensit.

"When I rule the world, anyone using the weak no-trump opening bid will be summarily executed " - Colin Akester, of Richmond, Surrey, issues a warning to fellow bridge players in a letter to The Daily Telegraph.

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