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RAF ‘delighted’ to rescue stranded cow from Cumbria river

A cow stranded near Crammel Linn waterfall was airlifted to safety by RAF rescue services.

(RAF Benson)

An RAF rescue team said they were “delighted” to rescue a cow stranded close to the Crammel Linn waterfall on Friday.

The cow was rescued at around 6pm on Friday from a river bank close to the waterfall in Cumbria, when it was unable to climb out due to the bank’s muddy surface.

The RAF airlifted the animal to safety, claiming that several attempts were previously made to try to rescue the cow, including animal charities, the coastguard, and the fire brigade.

(RAF Benson)

Adam Wardrope, station commander at RAF Benson, said: “We are delighted to have been able to help with the rescue of the stranded cow today.

“Clearly we don’t specialise in lifting cows, however, supporting the local community is really valuable training for our crews.

“We have to be prepared for the unexpected and be ready to deliver whatever is needed at any time, day or night.”