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RAF Typhoon fighters join attack on IS for first time

British Typhoon fighters have been deployed for the first time in the mission to defeat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Two Typhoons and two Tornado jets were sent from the British military base RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on a combat mission.

It follows the deployment of jets to the region following Wednesday's historic vote in the Commons.

The mission came as Prime Minister David Cameron insisted British war planes can help to bring about a political settlement in the civil war-torn country.

Earlier RAF Tornado fighter jets flew an armed patrol over the east of the country "gathering intelligence on terrorist activity", the Ministry of Defence said.

And in a continuation of operations in Iraq, two Tornados "silenced" a "terrorist" sniper team with a "direct hit" from a Paveway IV guided bomb, it added.

The number of fighter jets based at Akrotiri has been bolstered ahead of further sorties in Syria and continued raids in Iraq against IS, which is also known as Isis, Isil and Daesh.

But the Free Syrian Army opposition group has claimed British intervention is "just a few more jets" over the course of a long campaign.


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