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Rally to urge Syria refugees aid

Human rights protesters will gather in support of victims of the war in Syria today.

Campaigners are urging the Government to take action over the 3.8 million people believed to have fled their homes during the conflict.

Amnesty International is leading the event at midday in Parliament Square.

Supporters will be carrying banners of stick people to represent the displaced Syrian population.

Stephen Young, Amnesty International, said: "These are desperately vulnerable men, women and children who have already seen their home torn apart by conflict.

"They need support, they need their basic human rights and they need assurance that somebody cares.

"Yet the UK Government continues to ignore their plight. It is embarrassing, it is unethical and it is not good enough."

He added: "The sixth richest country in the world has so far accepted just 187 Syrian refugees.

"In a recent statement, David Cameron has promised to 'modestly expand' the scheme to accepting 'a few hundred more' - a drop in the ocean of what is required, and a shameful figure beside the 40,000 refugees already accepted by Germany."

More than 3.8 million refugees have fled the war zone so far, of which 380,000 are considered highly vulnerable or victims of torture, according to Amnesty International figures.


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