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Ranting shock jock Chris Moyles has lost plot, says BBC colleague Anderson

By Maureen Coleman

Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson has hit back at Chris Moyles’ on-air rant against the BBC claiming the outspoken DJ has “completely lost the plot”.

Anderson accused Moyles of falling in to the trap of believing his own hype and thinking he was worth more than £500,000 a year.

The surprise attack on a fellow BBC colleague came after Moyles ranted for 25 minutes on-air on Wednesday claiming the BBC had not paid him for two months.

He said BBC bosses had shown him a lack of respect and threatened to quit his breakfast show until the issue was sorted out.

But Anderson said Moyles, like many “big-time presenters”, had surrounded himself with a team of people who paid lip service to him and told him what he wanted to hear.

And he said the Radio One DJ had got carried away with the hype. “I have seen these teams around these people,” he said yesterday.

“They like telling you what you want to hear. They’ll say ‘oh Chris, you’re wonderful. At the start you say ‘oh you’re just saying that’. But as time goes on you start to believe it.

“Moyles believes he works hard. He really does believe that £500,000 a year or £10,000 a week is not enough for what he does. He has to get up early.

“He’s fallen into that trap. He’s a nice enough guy but he’s completely lost the plot.”

Moyles’ furious comments provoked a backlash from angry Radio One listeners with many texting in to say he should be grateful for such a large salary.

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