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Residents return over security fear

Security fears have lead some residents from an estate badly affected by flooding to move back into their homes in spite of advice to leave.

After severe rainfall gouged out material from under a four-storey development in Newburn, Newcastle, people living in the surrounding homes in Mill Vale were advised to move out.

But now due to an apparent lack of security on site some have taken the step of moving back to protect their homes.

There is also anger among some residents as Dunelm Homes, the developer of the estate, has a house from Mill Vale listed as its Home of the Week. On their website the development is described as "hidden by deciduous woodland, providing all the peace and tranquility of the countryside".

Dave Moir, 35, who has lived on the estate for seven years, said: "We are all feeling confused and scared and we want to be proactively informed. Everything that has been done so far has been reactionary.

"We were promised 24-hour security but that has not been the case and people are just walking through all the time. There's nothing wrong being interested but we're asking people to do it from the road.

"Some residents have chosen to come back to their homes to protect them because there is not the security here we were promised."

There is also a fear that more rain this week could cause further flooding. As a result people living in Mill Vale were advised to leave their homes but were given the choice of whether or not they did.

Newcastle City Council said a dene north of the estate, which is full of water, could overflow and cause more flooding if rain is heavy. A second dene behind Mill Vale, which has debris from an earlier flooding event, could also fill very quickly with water if a culvert becomes blocked.

A spokesman from Dunelm said: "Despite implications to the contrary by others Dunelm Homes has been providing much practical support throughout this week to both residents and other parties involved through its team on site. The fact remains the events leading up to this situation were and are out of our control and not our responsibility."


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