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Retired cleaner wins Lotto jackpot

A mother who scooped £7.5 million on the lottery with her son had previously matched five numbers and said she always knew she would go one better.

Retired school cleaner Doreen Hay won just £1,300 when she got five balls right in the draw won by the man dubbed the 'Lotto rapist', Iorworth Hoare.

She said: "The week I got the five, the prisoner out on bail won it."

Mrs Hay, from Thornaby, Teesside, said: "He bought the ticket in Middlesbrough.

"He was a convicted rapist and I thought 'He has got the six and I've got five, but I'll get it next time'.

"It's taken 10 years, but I've got it. I'm a gambler, I like a little bet, and you have to win some time, haven't you?"

She is splitting her win with son John, 38, who is giving up his job as a cable engineer.

Mrs Hay is also sharing the spoils with her seven brothers and sisters, her three grandchildren and her ex-husband John, with whom she remains on good terms.

She revealed she bought a third Lucky Dip ticket instead of the usual two for Saturday's draw, and it was the third which won.

"I thought 'You might as well be skint as broke, I'll get three'," she told a news conference at Rockliffe Hall, near Darlington.

It took her son 15 minutes to get from the home he rents with partner Susan Robinson in Billingham to his mothers after she phoned and said: "John, you'll have to come over, I think we've won the Lottery."

He said: "I checked the numbers three times. I couldn't believe it so I sat down and then checked again.

"It was then I realised we'd won £7.5 million."

Mrs Hay plans to buy a bungalow and leave her upstairs flat. She will also buy herself a poodle for company.

But she will not leave the area and plans to holiday in the UK.

As well as helping family, she will give money to five good causes: Help for Heroes, breast cancer research, a local hospice, Water Aid and Save the Children.

"I have £1.5 million given away," she said.

When a reporter commented that was a lot of money, she replied: "It's not when you have £3.5 million, and I'm 70.

"I have no ambitions for a toyboy."

Mrs Hay, who retired 17 years ago due to arthritis, has never flown and plans to make more regular trips to the Lake District.

"I need to go away and come back on the same night," she said of her love of home.

She will not change, saying: "I have been the same for 70 years, I don't know how to be any different."

Last night she ate fish fingers from the freezer - despite not liking them.

"I was pulling a face because I don't really like them, so I ate two and then shot the rest out for the seagulls.

"I thought, I'm worth £3.5 million and I'm having fish bloody fingers for my tea."

Her son, who often laughed along with reporters at his mother's quips, plans to buy a house big enough for him and his partner, and her three children.

Their last holiday was seven years ago and they are now planning a trip to Disneyland, Florida.

He will give up his job, saying: "Working outside in the cold? No more of that."

His mother had previously told him: "Never mind, I'll win the Lottery next week and you can retire."

The winning numbers were 22, 23, 25, 27, 28 and 46.

Hoare won £7.2 million in 2004. He paid a woman he attacked compensation in an out-of-court settlement.

Mrs Hay said her ex-husband, also John, still cooked for her and was a chef.

She said they get on well now, but they divorced in 1987 because "I used to nag him."


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