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Revealed: Which is the most-vandalised car model in UK has revealed that the Fiat 500 was the most-vandalised car of 2011/12, knocking the Lexus IS off the top spot.

In its survey, 2011/2012 Vehicle Vandalism Index (1), the insurer also said that 'prestige' cars make up three of the top five most-targeted brands while the average cost of a vandalism claim in the past year amounted to some £973.

The Fiat 500 was the make and model of car most likely to be vandalised followed by the BMW Z4, Peugot 207, BMW X5 and Range Rover.

Although two of the top five cars were 'everday' vehicles according to, high-end brands were disporportionately likely to be targeted with Porsche, Land Rover and BMW topping the list.

"Our analysis shows that although luxury cars are still more likely to be targetd by vandals, owners of everyday vehicles shouldn't consider themselves immune," said chief claims officer at the insurance provider, Robin Reames.

"The majority of vehicles in the top ten are what we call 'executive cars' such as the BMW Z4 and Audi TT,

likely to be driven by high earners who see their car as a status symbol, and it probably won't surprise many to learn that there are two 4x4s in the top ten," he added.

Also included in the 'top ten car models most likely to be targeted' list were Volkswagen Beetle (6), Audi TT (7), Fiat Punto (8), Mini Cooper (9) and BMW 3 Series (10).

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