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Ricky Hatton's father speaks over boxer's issues

The father and manager of former world champion boxer Ricky Hatton has spoken of his son's battle with drink and depression.

Ray Hatton said that defeats in the ring had led to the fighter turning to alcohol.

Hatton was taken into rehab on Monday after battling with severe depression and a drink problem.

His admission follows claims in the News of the World that the boxer used "industrial quantities" of cocaine on a night out in his home city of Manchester.

Ray Hatton, his voice at times quivering with emotion, told the BBC: "I think what it is with Ricky... he always wanted to please everybody, not only his family but all the fans. And when he had defeats he just thought that he had let them down.

"It doesn't matter what we said or what the fans said or what the fans chanted he got more and more and more depressed, which led him to drinking more and more."

On Tuesday publicist Max Clifford said that Hatton is still in rehab but is making good progress.

He explained: "I've spoken to him and he's brighter than he was yesterday and brighter than he was the day before that.

"It's the drink and the depression that are what it's all about. The doctors are very confident they can sort it out if he listens and does what he is told which he is going to do."


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