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Riots set to cost Met Police £34m

Scotland Yard is expected to have spent more on policing the riots than it spent on policing all major public order events in the capital last year, officials have said.

The disturbances will cost the force more than £34 million, with the total expected to rise even further as the final bills from other forces called in to help is settled, said the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA).

This compares with a total of £34.8 million spent by Scotland Yard on policing 42 major public order events between April 2010 and March 2011, figures showed.

An MPA spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Authority expects at this stage that a figure in excess of £34 million is expected for policing the recent disturbances in London."

In comparison, policing the student fees protests in London cost Scotland Yard £7.5 million, while another £2.1 million was spent providing security at the TUC anti-cuts demonstration in March, £1.9 million on the Pope's visit to Britain, and £2.2 million around last year's general election campaign.


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