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River car children 'were screaming'

Eyewitnesses have told a court that they saw two children banging on the windows and screaming for help as the car they were in plunged into a freezing river and began to sink.

Five-year-old Gabrielle Grady died after she spent two hours trapped in the submerged vehicle, which, Birmingham Crown Court heard, was driven by her father, Christopher Grady.

Her brother Ryan, who was six at the time of the tragedy last February, survived after being pulled from the water by police.

Grady, 42, who is separated from the children's mother, Kim Smith, denies one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Nicholas Langstone told the court he watched Grady circle "aggressively" around a field in Evesham, Worcestershire, in a silver estate car, before driving into the River Avon with the two children inside the vehicle.

He said Grady put his "foot to the floor" and "just went faster and faster, straight down the edge of the riverbank into the river".

The court heard that Grady and Ryan rose to the surface of the water a short time after the car began to sink, but Gabrielle, known as Gabby to family and friends, was pulled through the sunroof by specialist divers around two hours later.

She was pronounced dead in hospital on February 14, three days after the incident.

Julie Woodgate, a witness who was running along the riverbank, said she saw Grady surface and scream for help from the water.

She said: "All I heard him saying was swearing, and saying, 'save me, save my kids'." The trial continues.


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