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Road rage driver threatens to kill cyclist in foul-mouthed outburst: 'There's a witness, otherwise I'd break your f***ing neck'

Warning: Contains very strong language

By Kiran Moodley

If you're ever asked to describe "road rage," this is the video you need.

In the ongoing war between cyclists and drivers on the roads, this video is sure to win the former a lot of sympathy in the face of one of the country's angriest and most aggressive drivers.

The video - uploaded by cycletourer8, a YouTube user who posts footage of "experiences riding a bicycle in the London area" - shows a cyclist almost being hit by a black Land Rover Discovery on Priory Lane by Richmond Park.

The cyclist, who appears to be filming the incident on a helmet camera, begins shouting at the driver, "Come on!" as the Land Rover begins to narrow the space through which the cyclist can safely proceed. The driver can heard swearing at the cyclist as he drives.

Eventually the cyclist comes to a halt, as does the driver. The driver storms out the vehicle and begins shouting at the cyclist that there is a cycle lane on the other side of the road, while the cyclist replies that he is legally allowed to cycle on the road.

The driver yells: "There's a cycle lane there you c***. F***ing idiot. Everyone knows you're a f***ing idiot." He even has a bizarre dig at the cyclist's attire: "Look at you in your yellow s***."

While evidently not as irate as the driver, the cyclist also swears as the two argue over the highway code: "Move your car you ignorant scum. Learn how to drive. You clearly cannot drive."

While the driver gets back in his car to drive off, he gets out once more and accuses the cyclist of "thumbing" his car. At this point, the driver begins to mimic the cyclist and threaten to kill him.

"I'll f***ing eat you for breakfast," Britain's angriest driver warns. "You touched my car. Did you f***ing thumb my car? I’ll f***ing kill you. I'll f***ing smash your teeth."

When asked by the cyclist why he doesn't attack him there and then, the driver replies, "Because there's a witness. Otherwise I'd break your f***ing neck."

According to a comment below the uploaded video on YouTube, the driver was fined under a public order offence.

Source: Independent

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