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Robbie confirms tour with Take That

Newly reunited Take That stars Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams have revealed that the band will definitely tour, although the collaboration may not be permanent.

The duo have recorded a single, Shame, the video of which was premiered on Thursday, and said Take That's only firm plans are for an album and some live shows.

After 18 months' working, the future is uncertain and they may go their separate ways, Barlow and Williams both said, as they visited BBC Radio 1 to unveil the single.

The group and Williams have bickered since he left for a solo career. They cleared the air after more than a decade of feuding when they met up in Los Angeles around 18 months ago.

Last month they announced they had recorded an album.

At the BBC the pair said they are plotting their live show but anything beyond that is not certain.

Asked about the future, Barlow said: "I don't know the answer to that. We agreed when we started - it's 20 years since we began, it's our 20th year for all of us - to do a one-off album and maybe a one-off tour would be a great thing this year. But I think once we've done that, Rob will go back to being Rob, we'll go back to being a four. I think it will resume to how it was."

Williams said: "The thing is, the door is open to do whatever we want. We've got 18 months planned. Whatever happens after, we haven't decided."

Barlow said of live plans: "We are talking about a tour right now, so hopefully next summer we will tour."

Barlow continued: "We are really enjoying each other at the moment and I do feel like our work in the studio is actually just beginning. We have got off to a great start and we are enjoying working with each other so much, we do it over the internet, we do it whenever we can."


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