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Rollercoaster ride saved brain tumour girl’s life

A school girl who had no idea she had a potentially-fatal brain tumour was told that a rollercoaster ride had saved her life.

Emma Bassett, now 20, from west London was told at the age of 12 that she had just hours to live because of the satsuma-sized tumour which had wrapped itself around her brain stem, restricting the flow of cerebralspinal liquid in her brain.

But a ride on the Nemesis rollercoaster at Thorpe Park saved her life by relieving the pressure on her brain, enabling surgeons to operate on her, starting an eight-year road to recovery.

The tumour had been growing inside her since the age of six but she had no idea until she visited doctors for a planned appointment - just days after the visit to the theme park - to find out why she had been suffering headaches and dizzy spells.

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