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Romanian finds new life in Britain ‘tough’


Hard worker: Spirescu

Hard worker: Spirescu

Hard worker: Spirescu

The UK's first Romanian immigrant following the lifting of visa restrictions on New Year's Day is finding life tougher than expected.

Mobbed by the media and greeted by Labour MP Keith Vaz when he arrived, Victor Spirescu revealed how living in Britain isn't all it was cracked up to be.

Six months after landing at Luton, the migrant now works as a window fixer in London on a site owned by Romanians.

He told Radio 4's Today show that the cost of living was so high he had not been able to save any money to return home.

Reflecting on his experience, Mr Spirescu said: "I was a star here and it was very easy to find a job."

But, he added, the following months had "not been so easy".

"I had only £40 in my pocket and now after six months I don't save any money because the life is very expensive here. I want to save some money to make my own business in Romania.

"I expect to save some money, but no."

Months down the line he has lost one job, found another, and spent some time sleeping in a car.

He said that immigration was good for the country as Britons were too lazy to do the jobs he and fellow migrants were willing to do.

"Because English guys they [are] at home on benefits... they don't work like us, hard workers," he said.

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