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Rory McIlroy’s Stateside move is just what he needs

By Steven Beacom

So, Rory’s thinking about buying a house in Florida and playing on the PGA Tour. Who can blame him?

Sure, he tried America before and didn’t like it, but a lot has happened to our Holywood hero since then.

He’s gone from the kid with vast potential to a global superstar. That magnificent, record-breaking US Open victory back in June took him on to the same sporting stratosphere as Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt.

He’s A+ list now and as such just about everything he does becomes front page news, including the break-up of his long term love in with Holly Sweeney and his new relationship with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

Private life. What private life? Mind you, when you are as prolific and as open as Rory is on Twitter, he does provide journalists with a helping hand.

Right now in Northern Ireland he is living in a goldfish bowl with everyone staring. He’ll still be the subject of much attention in the States, but it’s a little easier to hide over there.

There’s also the point that McIlroy does his best work on American courses, and ultimately he wants to be known for his golf rather than who he’s going out on the town with.

Three of the four majors take place in the States, so playing there on a more regular basis will help him when it comes to the big ones. I fully expect this brilliant player to win several more.

He’ll continue to play in Europe and, of course, will spend plenty of time at home with his loving family and good mates.

But right now, a move to America might be just what he needs. And bar Twitter foe Jay Townsend obviously — the Yanks will welcome him with open arms.

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