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Royal baby: Traditional royal name seems a likely choice


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to pick a traditional royal name for their newborn baby Prince.

Royal infants mostly have historical names which are passed down through the generations.

Charles Kidd, editor of Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, predicted that William and Kate would select a conventional first name for their son.

"I do think that Prince William is quite a traditionalist – that's my feeling," Mr Kidd said.

"The fact that he chose to use the royal dukedom (of Cambridge) and has followed royal precedent, I wouldn't be surprised if they use a name that is already familiar in the royal family – something that has royal associations."

He suggested that George – a favourite at the bookmakers - could be their name of choice.

Midway through her pregnancy, Kate revealed she and William had a shortlist of names and that her friends were also giving her ideas.

"We have a shortlist for both (boy and girl) but it's very difficult. My friends keep texting me names," she told a well-wisher.

The baby, which will eventually be King, will be styled HRH Prince (forename) of Cambridge. Should he require a surname, such as on marriage, it will be Mountbatten-Windsor.

One day the baby is also likely to become the Prince of Wales. The title is usually given to the male heir to the throne, but it is not automatic. Here's a look at potential names for the Cambridges' baby son:

GEORGE: George is a popular royal name, with six King Georges having worn the crown throughout history since the German-born George I, the first Hanoverian king of Great Britain, acceded to the throne in 1714.

CHARLES: William is close to his father and is most likely to want to honour him.

PHILIP: William and Kate are also expected to acknowledge William's grandfather and the Queen's consort the Duke of Edinburgh in the names they pick.

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