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Royal wedding: What the papers say

As the big day arrives there is one story that makes all the papers.


Tabloids and broadsheets, pro-monarchy and republican, Britain’s papers have had their say as Prince Harry marries Meghan.

The Times says that amongst the carefully choreographed scenes of a royal wedding it is “easy to overlook its significance for the couple themselves”.

It adds that Harry and Meghan “will first of all be joining in a shared commitment to each other, and in doing so will have the good wishes of hundreds of millions in Britain and the Commonwealth”.

“The world’s with them” says the Daily Mirror, saying the “obvious strength of their love for each other will delight hundreds of millions of TV viewers around the globe”.

The paper adds: “Harry must wish his mother could be there and Meghan that her father was by her side.

“But even without their presence, this day will be a fairy tale for a very special bride and groom. We wish them every happiness.”

The Daily Mail says Harry is “the prince who has won the nation’s hearts with his palpable good nature and his mother’s gift for engaging with people from every walk of life”.

Meghan, on the other hand is “the divorced American actress, with an eccentric family and colourful past, who has made her own way in the world, helped only by a good brain, a thirst for work and a winning smile”.

It adds: “This paper joins the great mass of its readers in wishing Harry and Meghan every joy in the world, on this happy day and for the rest of their lives.”

The Daily Telegraph says the royal wedding is a “blessed relief from the nagging anxieties of world affairs – the stagnant Brexit wrangles and the miseries of the Middle East”.

“In their wedding, Britain sees a mirror image of our times,” it adds.

“It is not the image that some pretend threatens the nation. The British people, like the royal couple, are not reactionary but adaptable. There may be a drawbridge or two at Windsor, but they are not being pulled up.”

The Daily Express praises the “charming” Prince of Wales for stepping in to accompany Meghan down the aisle.

It adds: “The People’s Party can now begin safe in the knowledge that all is well in Windsor. The sun is going to shine and it will be a memorable and happy day.”

While an “unrepentantly” republican newspaper, The Guardian offers the couple congratulations on their wedding day.

“We send best wishes for a long and happy married life together,” the paper says.

“As ever in a wedding, there is a sense of the future, of renewal and even of optimism. Tomorrow, though, Brexit will be back.”

The Sun says it “could not be happier for Harry and Meghan” however it suggests they get “a new PR team”.

“For Meghan, this week should have been non-stop excitement. Instead it was a traumatic shambles. Kensington Palace’s amateurish press team failed to spot the unfolding disaster around her dad and her half-siblings.

“It failed to take them in hand, then cravenly tried to shift blame to a media naturally keen on information. But that’s in the past. Let’s have a fantastic day.”