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‘Runaway ostrich’ holds up rush-hour traffic

The bird was spotted on the A12 in Essex.


(Luke Scofield/PA)

(Luke Scofield/PA)

(Luke Scofield/PA)

Rush-hour traffic came to a standstill on a busy main road thanks to a reported runaway ostrich.

The bird was spotted wandering between cars on the A12 in Colchester, Essex, at around 5.30pm.

Student Grace Hoffman, who captured the bizarre spectacle on video, told the Press Association: “There was suddenly standstill traffic and I pulled to a stop.

“When I looked forward … an ostrich was just walking down the side of the road.

“A couple people got out and helped but I think it was contained safely.”

Essex Police confirmed they had attended the incident alongside Highways England staff between junctions 27 and 28, adding that officers located the bird at around 7pm.

It is not known where the bird came from or how it got on to the road.

Last year a similar looking bird held up traffic on the nearby A133 in Elmstead.

Though initially reported as an ostrich, it turned out to be a rhea named Colin.