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SamCam breaks mould in red and pink

Samantha Cameron dressed in red and pink as her husband took to the stage at the Conservative Party conference - but some critics were left wondering whether she should have stuck to Tory blue.

The Prime Minister's wife always attracts interest in her choice of clothes and stuck to her usual form of mixing high street with designer, but in the age of austerity opted for an old red Joseph skirt, the jacket of which she had worn at the Tory conference in 2008.

She teamed the skirt with a red and pink "Bold Stripe" top from Whistles - one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite shops - which had been reduced in the sale from £110 to £75. Her LK Bennett Olivia block-heeled platform shoes were down too, from £185 to £125.

There was no word about whether Mrs Cameron had put her new purchases on the family credit card but the top attracted a mixed reaction amongst the twitterati, with comparisons to Dennis the Menace and Top Gear star James May.

Other tweeters thought she should have opted for Tory blue rather than Labour red.

Doctor Hutch tweeted: "Samantha Cameron seems to have come to the Tory conference in one of James May's rugby shirts."

Angry Britain added: "I see SamCam has a new stylist. Dennis the Menace."

Clinton Manning tweeted: "SamCam head to toe pink & red - not a true blue?", while Tamasin McGregor micro-blogged: "Samantha Cameron clearly does not have a stylist. Pink. You are not a six-year-old child. Step away from the fairy outfits."

But others were more positive about Mrs Cameron's outfit.

Hrobson tweeted: "SamCam wearing red for big Dave's speech? Thumbs up to her dresser." Fiercedesigner added: "Samantha Cameron looks hot in that indigo light though."


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