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Sarah Champion returns to shadow post after quitting Labour front bench

A senior Labour MP who quit as part of the revolt against Jeremy Corbyn has returned to the front bench after asking for her old job back.

Sarah Champion resigned in June, claiming the leader's position was no longer tenable as the Parliamentary Labour Party turned on Mr Corbyn.

She has now returned to her post as a shadow home office minister, focusing on women, equality and domestic violence issues.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn encouraged other senior Labour MPs who quit as part of the rebellion to come back to the front bench.

"There's always work to be done. We hope that others will rejoin the shadow cabinet and get on with the job of opposing the Government," the spokesman said.

The embattled Labour leader faces a challenge to his position from former shadow cabinet minister Owen Smith.

Rotherham MP Ms Champion quit on June 28, saying: "I can only do what I feel is right, even though it's breaking my heart."

In a series of messages on Twitter she said Mr Corbyn's position was untenable and warned: "If we're not united, we're doomed."

She said: " I can assure you I've not joined any coup, just think Jeremy's position is no longer tenable if we're to be effective."

Ms Champion said Mr Corbyn's refusal to accept a motion of no confidence, backed by 172 of the party's MPs, showed why his leadership could not continue.


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