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Saunders speaks of cancer treatment

Comedian Jennifer Saunders has made light of her cancer treatment as she spoke about her illness for the first time - joking about her "lovely pert new bosoms".

Saunders, 52, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year but kept her illness and treatment a secret for many months. It only emerged in the summer.

She has broken her silence while appearing as a guest presenter on Radio 2 which sees her revive her partnership with Dawn French.

Saunders underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy after a number of malignant lumps were found. She lost her hair, like many others who undergo the debilitating treatment, and it was not until she was pictured at a party without her blonde wig that her health problems became public knowledge.

Saunders, famed for her role in Absolutely Fabulous as well as her French and Saunders partnership, had been tight-lipped about her cancer until she referred to it during the programme.

She declares: "I've got lovely new pert bosoms."

French chips in: "Yes, she has. That's the upside of her poorly last years, that she has lovely new puppies. They're gorgeous actually."

The pair are presenting three shows for Radio 2 over the festive period, the first of which features guest Gok Wan.

Saunders's husband Ade Edmondson recently spoke of the difficulties of coping with her illness. In an interview he said people should not speak of a "battle".

He said: "It's not a great three-part TV drama full of moments, it's a long grind, like a slow car crash that will last five years and then, hopefully, we'll get out."


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