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Savile: Jim'll Fix It boss was 'hoodwinked by manipulative' presenter

Jimmy Savile's long-time producer on children's TV show Jim'll Fix It said today he was completely unaware of the presenter's activities and said the star managed to "hoodwink" him.

But Roger Ordish said he did know that Savile had a "predilection for younger females".

In his first interview since the disclosures about Savile's alleged abuse of possibly dozens of underage victims over a period of many years, he described the presenter as a "manipulative" man.

But he told ITV1's This Morning he saw no abuse during the two decades in which he worked with the late TV and radio host.

"I didn't see anything and nothing was reported to me," he said.During their years working together, Ordish said Savile, whom he described as a private man who "compartmentalised" different areas of his life, even stayed at his home.

"He slept in a bedroom next to my 14-year-old daughter and I hope that is some indication that we had no suspicions of anything of this nature at all," he said.

The disclosures about Savile's private life were made in an ITV documentary a fortnight ago which had dismayed Ordish.

"I was absolutely shocked and shattered and I was surprised that I had not been approached by the programme," he said of the Exposure documentary.

He maintained he knew nothing about Savile's activities, although he told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby there had been rumours.

But he went on: "You hear rumours about everybody famous, there must be rumours that go around about you two.

"We were aware that Jim had a predilection for younger females," he added, saying it was obvious from the way he chatted to girls.

Ordish said Savile would compliment them on their beauty, "but nothing obscene".

"These are girls who are young females, they're not children. they could have been 14 looking like 18, but they were not children in my definition of the word," he said.

As the cloud of accusations surrounding the children's TV star continues to grow the chairman of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, John Whittingdale, said it was too early for an independent inquiry into the allegations.

Mr Whittingdale told Sky News: "I hope the inquiries the BBC are conducting will take place pretty swiftly and we will get those conclusions.

"I don't think the case has yet been made for a full inquiry going right across all the organisations."

He added: "There is a police inquiry going on and therefore nothing can really take place until the police have completed their own investigations.

"It would be very difficult, I think, for an independent inquiry to look into these matters when the police are still investigating."

Mr Whittingdale said his committee will ask Mr Entwistle next week exactly how much he knew about the Newsnight investigation at the time when he was overseeing tributes to Savile on the BBC.

"As I understand it, he has said that while he was told that Newsnight were investigating Jimmy Savile, he wasn't given any information about what aspect they were examining," said Mr Whittingdale.

"But it does seem strange, if he was commissioning tributes, that he didn't at least ask."

He said that the committee may call other witnesses from the BBC - possibly including Newsnight editor Peter Rippon, who pulled the Savile film - after speaking to Mr Entwistle.

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