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Schools 'failing' on key skills

The Government is considering the latest complaint from business about the state of the education system after an industry leader said it has failed.

David Frost, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, said he had been on the national stage for nearly a decade and described progress on skills as "painfully slow".

He said: "Despite the billions that have been spent over the last decade, business relentlessly bemoans the lack of skills available. What they are really describing is a failure of the education system. A system where half of all kids fail to get five decent GCSEs simply means that five years later we spend billions offering them remedial training to make them work ready."

Mr Frost said the UK also has a system where vocational education is not valued, resulting in "deckchairs being moved around relentlessly", inventing new agencies with new acronyms.

"In my career we have had the Training Boards, the MSC, The Training Agency, the TECs/ The CCTEs/ The LSC (4 iterations of) / The Skills Funding Agency/ The YPLA. It goes on and on."


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